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Wednesday, 1 Dec, 2021

The world’s most Instagram-friendly travel destinations for 2021

Instagram will be one of the most widely used social platforms in 2021. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, travel blogger, or just sharing your..


Instagram will be one of the most widely used social platforms in 2021. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, travel blogger, or just sharing your authentic life experiences with the world, you’ll be using Instagram a lot every week. International travel plans may now be put on hold, but Instagram still provides a digital retreat and inspiration for places to visit after the pandemic.

It would be easy to find among a variety of brilliant and welcoming destinations a great opportunity which suits your preferences, and with the help of Instagram’s unique features, you can easily retouch and edit selfie videos. Take the initiative and check out the travel destinations where people are taking seriously shareable pictures to find out where to go on vacation after the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

What are some of the most Instagram-worthy travel destinations in the world?

1. Ireland

(Source: Pixabay)

Ireland’s breathtaking green landscape is covered in over 30,000 castles. Since it is an underrated country to explore, you’ll have more fun discovering its hidden gems without the chaos of crowded tourists.

You can go on a scavenger hunt and snap some photos for your Instagram of some of the most beautiful scenes in the country. Ireland is also famous for its Celtic music and Irish festivals.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered one of the best travel destinations in the world. Photos taken in Costa Rica will make your Instagram feed a lot more attractive with a gorgeous green jungle in the background. Abseiling waterfalls, crocodile boat trips and jungle excursions are just a few of the things Costa Rica has to offer that make this wild paradise well worth a visit.

3. Brazil

(Source: Pixabay)

Not only is Brazil known for having the most extensive collection of animal and plant species, it also contains over 60% of the Amazon rainforest. When you love; Discover new wonders of the world like that Christ the Redeemer statue, admire lush waterfalls, or familiarize yourself with exotic birds like toucans, Brazil might be exactly where you want to take your Instagram photo of the year.

4th Switzerland

Try to get lost in the winter wonderland of Switzerland. Switzerland is home to intense hiking trails, small villages, epic mountain ranges, first-class ski areas and lakes, the most beautiful Instagram photos are behind the snow-capped mountains.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand has the most incredible scenery, covering everything from boiling hot springs to gigantic glaciers and golden beaches to mystical mountains. New Zealand’s harsh landscape has been used in films such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings; Visiting it will allow you to discover this magical place on your own and take the most breathtaking photos.

6th Peru

The home of Machu Picchu, one of the New Wonders of the World, and its colonial city of Cusco, Peru, has a lot to offer Archaeological Pages and exciting adventures to explore. Peru’s Andes are among the most breathtaking landscapes that give every visitor an epic Instagram photo.

7th Mexico

Mexico’s diversity of; Jungles, pyramids, beaches, plains, mountains, desserts, and pink lakes are designed to meet all of your Instagram feed needs. The delicious and flavourful food is one more thing that makes for an appetizing shot. Mexico has so many beautiful and authentic regions that will amaze you.

8th. Iceland

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(Source: Pixabay)

Geysers, lava fields, volcanoes and hot springs are just a few of the many gifts Iceland’s dramatic landscape has to offer. With its range of massive ice glaciers that match the Northern lights, Iceland can bring you a once in a lifetime Instagram story moment.

9. Greece

With thousands of islands scattered across the Ionian and Aegean Seas, Greece is home to the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s also considered a more pocket-friendly travel destination compared to France or Italy. The natural beauty of its black sand beaches will definitely make a great addition to your Instagram feed.

10. Indonesia

Since Indonesia is the largest island nation in the world, it’s scenic enough to blow anyone away. While in the country you can visit Bali, a place known for its; fantastic coral reefs, relaxing meditation retreats, forested volcanic mountains and Hindu temples.

11. Turkey

Fairy chimneys, cave hotels, and the best rooftops to see dozens of hot air balloons are all aspects of Turkey that make it look like fantasy land. If you’ve always dreamed of a fairytale photo shoot for Instagram, then a visit to this dazzling land is for you.


The above places are just a few of the endless number of incredibly extraordinary places in the world that you can visit for epic pictures. While taking photos and videos of your vacation experiences will help you carry your memories home, the most important thing is to do your best to live in the moment.

David Lee

David Christopher Lee is an award-winning photographer and journalist based in Los Angeles and New York. David’s work has been published in major magazines such as GQ, Vogue, Instyle, People, Teen, Men’s Health, Departures, and many more.

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