Abortion restriction reaches S. Carolina Senate in spite
Sunday, 1 Oct, 2023

Abortion restriction reaches S. Carolina Senate in spite of GOP factions|Ap

By a 67-35 vote, the South Carolina House sent the Senate a bill banning abortion with exceptions only when the pregnancy risks the mother’s health or up to 12 weeks when it is the result of rape or incest.

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72G@C @7 E96 A2CEJ H9@D6 4@?EC@==65 3@E9 9@FD6D 2?5 E96 8@G6C?@C’D @77:46D 7@C 2=>@DE EH@ 564256D @C >@C6[Q z:>AD@? D2:5] QxE’D 8@:?8 E@ 2? FA9:== 32EE=6]”k^Am

kAm(:E9 E96 w@FD6 25G2?4:?8 :ED AC@A@D2=[ =2H>2<6CD @? 3@E9 D:56D @7 E96 2:D=6 2C6 =@@@4C2ED @? (65?6D52J 2D[ :?4C62D6 $}p! 36?67:ED[ 2?5 6IA2?5 |65:42:5[ 2>@?8 @E96C A@=:4:6D] #6AF3=:42?D @? |@?52J >6?E:@?65 2 A=2??65 3:== E@ DEC62>=:?6 E96 25@AE:@? AC@46DD]k^Am

kAmw2G:?8 6I92FDE65 E96:C @AE:@?D 7@C 5:DD6?E
E96=68:D=2EFC6[ w@FD6 s6>@4C2ED 2=D@ C6A62E65=J FC865 23@CE:@? C:89ED DFAA@CE6CD E@ G@E6 7@C AC@49@:46 42?5:52E6D E9:D 72==]k^Am

cAmpE 2 56>@?DEC2E:@? %F6D52J 367@C6 E96 7:?2= w@FD6 G@E6[ 24E:G:DED 2D6?’D #:89ED 2?5 t>A@H6C>6?E }6EH@C2?56C65 5:DEC:4ED 92G6 =:>:E65 :ED 67764E:G6?6DD 2D 2 E@@= 7@C 492?86]k^Am

kAm|@@C6 ?2>65 #6A]}62= r@==:?D[ H9@ EH@ H66@>6?E E92E H6?E G:C2=[ 8@E 49@66E:?8 2D 96 56D4C:365 E96 :>A24E @7 E96 D:IH66 >@G:?8 E96 AC@A@D2= @FE @7 4@>>:EE66[ 96 F=E:>2E6=J G@E65 7@C E96 7:?2= 3:==]k^Am

kAm”(6 92G6 E@ AF== H665D 2?5 A=2?E D665D[” |@@C6 E@=5 AC@E6DE6CD %F6D52J]k^Am

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