Former WWE Stars that own a business
Saturday, 2 Dec, 2023

Former WWE Stars that own a business

In the wrestling business, most stars can’t keep up in the ring forever. Sometimes the stars stay in the wrestling world after their time in the ring, but most will move on to other things.

Since most of these stars are very creative people, some use this creative ability to develop their own business ideas.

These stars use their platforms and popularity to get the news about their business. This helps them reach more customers and improve the sales of their products.

Some members of the active WWE roster currently own their own businesses. Seth Rollins owns a successful wrestling school, Finn Balor works in the clothing business, Zelina Vega also works in the clothing business with her husband Malalkai Black, Asuka owns a hair salon and Xavier Woods owns a successful YouTube channel.

These are just a few stars entering the business world. This list primarily focuses on former WWE stars who are currently killing it in the business world too!

# 10 DDP’s yoga business

Many testimonials claim that DDPY really helped them become better people the way they wanted to be. describes the program as “a fitness program born of necessity and reality. After years of wrestling injuries including a broken back, DDP developed a real workout that completely gave him his life back.

Diamond Dallas Page joined WCW at what was considered an older age in the 1990s. Now in his 60s, he was able to compete in AEW a few months ago and is still very fit for his age thanks to his yoga business.

This business has helped thousands of people lose weight and make lifestyle changes that show marked differences in a short period of time.

Through this program he helped stars like Scott Hall, Jake Roberts and William Morrissey (FKA Big Cass) from Impact overcome their addictions and get back into very good physical shape.

Former WWE Stars that own a business

DDPY helps with nutrition and fitness in new ways; Because of this, it is fast becoming one of the most popular workout companies out there today.

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