Jourdi Bleu's yoga company has exceeded the Deck because
Friday, 2 Jun, 2023

Jourdi Bleu's yoga company has exceeded the Deck because her Bravo launching

Jourdi Bleu is remembered as the yoga instructor who made her debut on the latest episode of Below Deck Down Under. Bravo fans love the charter..

Jourdi Bleu is remembered as the yoga instructor who made her debut on the latest episode of Below Deck Down Under. Bravo fans love the charter guest, and are eager to find out how to attend her real-life classes.

The reality show, which airs every Thursday, gives an insight into the life of a five-star on-board charter service, which is usually enjoyed by successful business owners and entrepreneurs. Fitting the bill is Jourdi from the latest season.

Fancy giving her yoga class a go? Well, for those living in Sydney, Australia, you can. Otherwise, we have all the details on how her business is thriving since her Below Deck debut…

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Meet yoga teacher Jourdi Bleu

Jourdi Bleu is a yoga instructor who appeared on Below Deck Down Under season 1 episode 14. She was a charter guest who currently runs her own sober-focused company Bondi X Party.

She is also an operations manager and teacher at This is Yoga Sydney, a boutique studio where she runs her own classes. If her Below Deck debut is anything to go by, Jourdi is clearly a globe-trotter.

The charter guest, who also works a mindset life coach, has visited South Africa, United States, UK and India, and is currently living it up as a self-proclaimed “boss babe” in Sydney, Australia.

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Her Below Deck appearance

When Jourdi Bleu made her debut on the Bravo reality show, she bonded with Down Under cast member Culver and ended up kissing him in the hot tub, despite his current romance with Brittini.

It comes after the yachtie joined Jourdi and her fellow charter guests in the hot tub, much to the shock of fans. She was also open about not drinking alcohol, which links to her sober-conscious business Instagram page.

A Reddit thread saw a fan react: “From the moment Jourdi said I’ll take a real daiquiri, it was on!” Some fans questioned where Jourdi came from, but another source on Twitter revealed the two have been texting.

No because Brittini was just planning this van life trip and Culver kissing on charter guest now she upset



— A wreath of Franklins (@JuGsLipsandLEGS) June 10, 2022

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How to attend charter guest’s classes

Jourdi says she has her mum to thank for originally introducing her to yoga about 13 years ago, when her competitive gymnastics career came to a screeching halt after an accident, as per This is Yoga.

She regularly teaches classes, where she “loves to have a laugh”, at The Yoga Studio in Sydney, Australia. Their timetable can be accessed on their website. Jourdi runs an intuitively-sequenced class, with a focus on self-discovery.

The Below Deck star gave an insight into what to expect from her classes and said:

If you come to my classes, I usually like to take it slow and strong, so you can really embody each pose and move with your breath. My sequences are always creative and fun (planning classes is one of my favorite things to do) and I promise you’ll have a laugh as I let my bubbly, light – hearted personality shine through. I’m so excited to dive deeper into the teaching realm, as it’s morphing my relationship to yoga to a level I didn’t even think was possible.

Jourdi’s next yoga class is taking place on June 26th at the Randwick Studio, where she will teach heated vinyasa at 4pm and then a yin yoga session at 5.15pm, each lasting one hour.



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