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Tuesday, 22 Jun, 2021

Fayetteville Observer's 40 under 40: Realtor Mary Bunnells

Surname: Mary BunnellsAge: 35Place of birth: JacksonvilleWhere are you living now? Linden tree Employer: Century 21 freedomJob title: estate..


Mary Jo Bunnells

Surname: Mary Bunnells

Age: 35

Place of birth: Jacksonville

Where are you living now? Linden tree

Employer: Century 21 freedom

Job title: estate agents

Who are your immediate family members? Parents, Retirees, Retired Master Sgt. Rodney St.Armour and LPN Patty St.Armour; Daughter of Berklie Bunnell; Fiance Michael Baggett; “Bonus Babies,” Ariel Nowland, Hunter Baggett, Hayden Baggett

Education: JY Monk Real Estate School – Broker, Purelightyoga Academy -RYT200

Which communities and professional groups do you belong to? Longleaf Pines Brokers’ Association; Regional Association of Brokers in Mid Carolina; National Association of Brokers; Institute for Real Estate Management; Yoga Alliance

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What are your guiding principles? Serving others, developing empathy, and understanding that character will always be more important than your reputation. Self-actualization and accepting that we are all responsible for the energy we bring into a room and how that energy affects others is the light. Love more, not only people or things, but also yourself. Humility and the understanding that success only gives you the platform to be more of what you already are, that goes both ways, use your powers for that Quality.

How do you spend your time in the community? I love working with military families and having the opportunity to serve those who serve. I found the perfect place for this in the Rick Herrema Foundation. I’ve taught family kickboxing, guided families through the yoga practice, supported their movie night efforts, and helped clean up the grounds on work days. Through the Longleaf Pines Realtor Association, I try to distribute meals to those in need at the Alms House on a monthly basis. Before the pandemic, I offered free yoga classes to children in deprived areas of our community through the parks and recreational facilities.

Who helped you succeed in your life and career? When I think about it, the people I notice most are the ones who saw something inside of me that I couldn’t see myself. My family at Luigi’s Italian Chop House for giving me a space at a young age to learn how to provide top notch customer service. Tommy Bradford and Bill Emmons, for seeing the light in me in this restaurant and for giving me the opportunity to start a life journey in the housing industry. Kimberly Cariker, for refining me and teaching me that you really shouldn’t be filling out a lease with purple glitter gel pen! Stephanie Kegler, for reminding me never to take myself too seriously and for thanking God for His grace. Heather Armstrong for walking me through my professional career and showing me how to lead with care and empathy. Lindsay Davidson, for pushing me to make leaps of confidence because I know I would fly! Amber Upchurch for creating a space for me to start my yoga business. David Sattemeyer for risking a rookie agent. My tribe, my sisters, my spice girls for always being a phone call away. My fiancĂ©, Michael Baggett, for loving me so authentically and for helping me in so many ways so that I can thrive. My daughter Berklie for being the real champion for so long when it came to making this life alone with me; Nobody loves me like B, I love you the most! Last but not least, my great parents, thank you very much for instilling my DNA work ethic and viciousness and for not killing me as a teenager so I could live life to the full and meet all these incredible people.

What is your goal before you turn 40? We all define success so differently. I’ve worked so hard and so fast since I started work at 13. In the next five years I want to achieve a place where I am always aware of the beauty around me, smell all the roses and drive down a gear. I want to invest more time in my life for the things that fill me like my family and ministry in my community.

What is your favorite book? “Grit: The Power of Passion of Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth

What are your hobbies? Yoga, kickboxing; Travel and have a good girls evening.

What is your most valuable possession? My grandmother Harris’s owl collection. I share her name and I like to think that through her she shares her wisdom with me.

If you had a theme song for your life, which one would it be? “I will not resign” by Tom Petty